Genuine Toyota Hiace Clutch Kit (KDH201, 203, 221, 223)

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Toyota's clutches and genuine clutch kits have been rigorously tested for durability, ease of use and ease of fitment.

When you choose to fit a Toyota Genuine Clutch Kit, you can have confidence that your customers are getting the best for their vehicle.

Included in the kit:
  1. Pressure plate
  2. Clutch plate
  3. Release bearing 
Toyota Genuine Clutches 
Toyota Genuine Technology for Superior Performance Toyota Genuine Clutches feature torsion rubber springs rather than traditional coil springs. These superior springs provide precisely balanced and quiet rotation at high speeds - thus reducing vibration significantly.
  • Superior Shock Absorption The Toyota Genuine Clutch Disc also provides easy half-clutch gear engagement because of its superior shock absorption characteristics. High slipping and high temperature resistance is achieved by using the finest quality materials on the disc facing. This ability to withstand temperature change also reduces wear-out.
  • An Exact Fit Because Toyota Genuine Clutch Kits are engineered to original manufacturing standards, they fit perfectly - first time, every time. This can save substantial costs simply by reducing the 'finicky' nature of some after-market clutch fitting.